2020-04-02 Clint Howen

The one thing you need to save money when buying, selling & moving house.

The one thing you need to save money when buying, selling & moving house.
 | Hero Broker

It’s the key ingredient of any negotiation.

It’s what allows you to get the best deal, with the right quality, on anything you want to buy (or sell) and especially when you’re thinking about a new home.

The best thing, it’s simpler to get than you think and once you know how to use it you’ll be equipped to get the best deal every time.

t’s all about… LEVERAGE.

The more you have, the more you can negotiate what’s best for you.

BUT, how do you get it?

Here’s 3 quick tips to get more leverage to help you save money for your home:

1. Buy when there’s an oversupply
Take for example with Home Loans right now, we’re in a buyers’ market. The interest and cash rate are at some of the lowest rates seen and this means it’s harder for banks to get the volume they need for growth in a market that some consider highly constrained.

This means more leverage for you when negotiating rates as gaining home loan customers while the market isn’t in strong growth is more important than ever before. Our team is here to help when it comes to knowing what banks are prepared to pay in the current market to win your business.

2. Compare the market
Like any market, there are usually many businesses competing for your dollar. Previously it used to be a pretty hard slog to call around, organize appointments, get quotes, try to compare apples with oranges, deal with the individual sell from every business and then the continual follow up calls would be enough to put even the shrewdest saver off looking for a better deal.

Luckily there are now much simpler ways to build your leverage by knowing the range of prices across the market. This is exactly why herobroker.org began.

Don’t forget, once you’ve found your new home, you can save even more money. Check out removalists comparison websites like Muval.com.au to help compare instant online availability and pricing before you make the big move.

Whether it’s finding a home loan, negotiating a buy / sell price, or moving house you’ll find plenty of ways to gain leverage by comparing all the options QUICKLY vs ringing around.

3. Take the emotion out of it (and save time in the process)
When you invest your time, you can’t help but become emotionally attached to whatever it is that you are trying to buy or sell. For many purchases, this can lead to ignoring key information and over biasing the emotional signals from the sales process.

In purchases that are considered necessities, but you don’t really need to engage with the service every day, brokers can give you the independence, not to mention your time back, as we do all the work. In many instances there are commissions and kick backs, so it’s important to know that there is no sway towards one supplier or the other. But when weighing up the cost of your own time and other things you’d rather be doing, there’s a lot to be gained from taking yourself out of the equation to get the leverage you need.

For more information about how we can help you find the right time to buy or switch, compare all the options available to suit your needs and give you the time back while we do the heavy lifting, start an enquiry here.