Shares4Shares Terms and Conditions

1)What do we offer?
Hero Broker PTY LTD (Australian Company Number 608729942 ) (‘Hero Broker’, ‘we’, ‘us’) will issue virtual shares that will be transferable into ordinary shares when a major transaction is executed.

2)What constitutes a major transaction?
The company is listed on a public stock exchange.
The company is bought out by a competitor.
More than 75% of the board decides to buy back the shares.

3)What shares are on offer?
Hero Broker is issuing 5% of company shares at a $5million valuation. Shares will be held by a subsidiary company, (to be formed) and will hold all voting rights and responsibility for issued shares.
Shares offered to Ambassadors are virtual shares and have no legal rights unless triggered by a major transaction as stated in (2)

4) Requirements to trigger offer;                                                                                                                                                                Hero Broker hold the right to retract this offer, unless the required signups warrant the issuing of shares. For this offer to be triggered, Hero Broker must receive at least 10,000 Genuine Signups.

5) Point rewards for shares;
Hero Broker will introduce a rewards structure thats depended on the number of points each ambassador receives throughout the campaign. The structure is as follows.
25% of Share Pool to be issued to the top 100 ambassadors.
25% of Share Pool to be issued to the top 1000-100 ambassadors.
25% of Share Pool to be issued to the top 1000-10,000 ambassadors.
25% of share pool to be issued to remaining ambassadors.

6) Roll over rights of points;
Ambassadors have the right to roll over their points into future campaigns of similar nature and offering.

7) Issuing of shares outlined;
When issuing shares, each Ambassador will be required to respond to any communication within 30 days to secure rights to ordinary shares.

8) Requirements to qualify as an Eligible Ambassador                                                                                                                          i; must have a reasonable active social media account;
ii; must provides an genuine social media account and email address;
iii; must a social media following of above 250 people;
iv; must be an Australian citizen at the time of sharing social media content.
iv; must share at least 5 post on request from Hero Broker PTY LTD when conducting marketing campaigns.

9)What are the terms of our offer?
i; Hero Broker’s offer, outlined in these terms and conditions, is valid between 01/01/2018 and 30/02/2018, unless extended by Hero Broker in its absolute discretion (“Offer Period”).
ii; this offer is only available to Eligible Ambassadors (defined in section (8) above), and is subject to these terms and conditions.
iii; all ambassadors are subject to assessment by Hero Broker, we cannot promise that:
iyou will be an Eligible Ambassador; or
iv; even if you are an Eligible Ambassador, you will be issued any shares or will be paid dividends.
dOur offer does not apply to:
iany social media post done in negative representation of Hero Broker;
v; any Ambassador that provides an inactive or misleading social media account and email address;
iiiany ambassador with a social media following of below 250 people; or
vi; an ambassador who is not an Australian citizen or PR Resident at the time of sharing social media content.

For the purposes of these terms and conditions:
i; ‘shares4shares’ means virtual shares to be issued for for Eligible Ambassadors.
ii; ‘Ambassadors’ means an Australian citizen or PR residient with an active social media account with more than 250 genuine followers, is at least 18yrs old and has signed up for our ‘shares4shares’ campaign.
iii; ‘Eligible Ambassadors’ means ambassadors that meet the requirements outlined in (8) above). We may also ask for a phone number in the future to maintain Eligibility and for communication reasons