The Process


Complete The Application Form

This 5 min form tells us everything we need to then have a constructive conversation.

How Hero Works | Hero Broker
How Hero Works | Hero Broker

We Connect You With Our Best Lender

We give you a call and discuss your objectives and then connect you with the lender that's offering the lowest rate.

How Hero Works | Hero Broker
How Hero Works | Hero Broker

Settle & Get Rewarded

We help you all the way through to settlement and at the end you get rewarded 0.20% of the loan amount.

How Hero Works | Hero Broker


How Hero Works | Hero Broker

What determines the loan we recommend?

Once we review your application and your circumstance, we recommend the lender that is going to offer you the lowest rate based on your situation.

Who owns and controls Hero Broker?

We are not owned by any bank or have any outside investors. Hero Broker is 100% independently Australian owned.

Are we licensed?

Yes, we are licensed mortgage brokers so we can jump in give financial advice on home loans at any time. Our credit rep number is 503350.

Does applying affect my credit score?

Applying with Hero Broker does not affect your credit score or leave any inquiries on your credit report. We can assess your application and advise before anything is sent to the bank. The bank will advise you before they conduct a credit check.

Is the reward cash or vouchers?

You receive cash deposited into an online account that you spend with a list of retailers. You can choose from a range of retailers, how much and it instantly creates a voucher that you can then use.

How We Get Paid?

We get paid 0.4% of the loan amount and then we split that 50/50 with you. Our payment does not change depending on the type of loans or lender which is an industry first. Our objective is to find you the best loan, not the best paying.

We offer banks the same customers that traditional brokers introduce. Except, we charge the banks less because we’re online, resulting in lower interest rates for you. This model has resulted in Hero Broker having access to some of the lowest rates in Australia.

How Hero Works | Hero Broker

Any further questions?

You can email us at and either me (Clint) or one of our team members will respond or you can call our office on 0291334008

How Hero Works | Hero Broker