How To Compare Mortgages


Comparing Mortgages

So you want to compare mortgages, but not sure how to really compare the different loans?

Well, you have come to the right place. First off! How you need to compare loans is by first understanding the features you want in a home loan. This will vary on you and how you plan to pay back your home loan. These features are explained in our resource hub.

Features Make A Difference

When it come to pricing and comparing interest rates & repayments, different features do make a substation difference. Things like an offset account, interest only, no monthly fee’s etc, these all make slight changes to interest rates that are offered as different loan products have different features they offer.

So once you understand the benefits of each product and have figured out how you plan to pay back your loan. Then its a good time to compare.

Compare Mortgages

On our platform we let you compare over 1400 different products form over 40+ lenders to find great fitting loans for you and your circumstances. We then can tell you, if you will be approved for the loan you selected and if not, the next best options.